One of the very best things that happened to me during this year 2014 was the wonderful journey that was arranged by my daughters as a surprise for my birthday. They took me to Lisbon, where we had some good days with lots of joy and interesting new views.

When seeing the Elevador (lift) do Lavra, I felt that a model of that one would be the best souvenir I could get from our trip. Now I have constructed the model and feel for presenting it to all my paper model friends as the 2014 Christmas model from Bildrum.

If anyone could provide me with some information about the history and technology of the trams and lifts in Lisbon, I would be very happy.









all pictures by:
                Gunnar SillÚn 2014

To download the model, rightclick the pictures to the left and "save as" to your computer. The blue picture gives the tram car and the other picture gives the top station and the grafiiti painted sides as an alternative option for the car.

With the best wishes from Bildrum,

                         Gunnar SillÚn

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