Il Vaporetto di Venezia
To paper model friends all over the world - a souvenir from our week in Venice this year.

There is no town like Venice. It is the place to visit when you like walking safe for traffic, like meeting people of all sorts, like boats and water more than cars and black streets and when you appreciate careful architecture.
  Some spots seem to be overcrowded by tourists, but you can allways find scenes for yourself.

The vaporetto ("little steamer") is as typical for Venice as is the gondola. The gondola is a romantic remain from older days, but the Vaporetto is the sign that Venice is a place also for a good modern living.

The first vaporetto was built in 1881 and was really propelled by a steam engine. The vaporettos to-day are diesel propelled. They have a length of 24 meters and are allowed to take 210 passengers.

The model is designed with special greetings to Gilberto Penzo, who has done so much to collect the history of Venetian Boats, and to our friends Philippe and Louise, who told us about Gilberto this October during that hour we managed to be at the same time in Venice.
  Everyone interested in Venetian boats and ship models should visit Gilberto┤s web site: .
To download the model, rightclick the picture to the left and "save as" to your computer.

With the best wishes from Bildrum,

                         Gunnar SillÚn


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