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February 2002

Paper modelling in school

Swedish schools every year present some "tasks of free choice" which means that pupils are offered different projects where they can find themselves interesting things to learn that are not on the ordinary timetable. Last autumn the pupils in grade 5-6 of  "Strömsskolan" were given the chance to build the Bildrum paper model of the three-mast schooner "Isolda" which can be downloaded for free from the Gothenburg Maritime Museum.
  The school "Strömsskolan" in Lilla Edet on the west coast of Sweden is actually situated close to Lödöse where the Isolda was built 100 years ago. 
  A group of boys choose the paper model project initiated and led by the teacher Sören Sparre. The boys, aged 11-12, had none or little experience of model building. Of course they found the task difficult as Isolda is a detailed scale model and not a simplified "childrens model". But the boys also found the model building exciting. And lots of pride grew as the models grew.  
  The pictures commented below are photographed by Yngve Eriksson and Sören Sparre during the autumn 2001.

For this spring 2002, Sören Sparre has introduced the same project to a group of  girls.  My own experience is that girls actually are much better model builders than boys, only that they don´t know it. Let´s hope that the girls find their way to self-confidence and to the joy of paper modelling.                                                                                                                                        GS


Here is the model building group. From the left you see Tommie, Fredrik, Sebastian, Jimmy, Erik, Björn, Niclas, Niklas, Mattias, Henrik, Tomas Rikhard, Erik, Sören (teacher) and Markus.
Some pictures from the class room. 

             Markus, Erik. Mattias and Sebastian with their models.

Jimmy concentrated 
As the boys found it a little bitt too difficult to roll the masts from paper as suggested in the kit, they tested other soulutions for making the masts and tops. One was to use dry grass, wich worked well and scale true. Other boys used bamboo grill sticks.
  To simplify rigging, the shrouds and ratlines were copied on overhead film and cut out.
  There were also some experiments done. Like copying the sails on brown paper.   


The models were all exhibited in the cantine of the school before Christmas. There they met quite a lot of joy and entitled praise.

A good example for other schools to follow.

The model in scale 1:160 was originally designed for download  from the Gothenburg Maritime Museum.

The files are also available from Isoldas homepage



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