SILVERBUSSEN   (CitroŽn Hy 1968)
 Viby 1975



Modell skala 1:43
Grimeton 1974

Once upon the time, I needed a travelling machine for jobs as well as holidays. Jobs concerned Industrial monuments and historical buildings in Europe. Holidays concerned making a good time for my children.
  In 1971 I found the ideal car. It was a French CitroŽn Hy built in 1968 as a bus for 14 people and used by a mountain hotel in northern Sweden.
  The passenger seats could be temporarily demounted for a lightweight summer fitting I built to make seats and table easily foldable into a large flat sleeping area.

Sometimes I travelled alone and sometimes my whole family spent pleasant weeks together moving slowly from place to place in western as well as eastern Europe. We actually looked upon the bus almost as was it a living creature. It for sure became an important member of our family.
  We all cried when I had to leave the bus to someone with better technical and financial resources to keep it running. And the bus has ever since appeared in my dreams accusing me for leaving it.

  France 1975        

Halle (DDR) 1972 Knuthenborg 1974 Newborn daughter Hanna brought home 1976 MorningwithfriendsinHolland1978


This year I got an opportunity to look through my old pictures of the bus as part of a photo project.
   I also found out that the bus is still existing, if not running. I have visited the bus where it dwells in a garage in southern Sweden and I have learnt that it has given great travelling experiences also to other families. Maybe it will be restored and given a new life.

And now, at last, I have fulfilled the idea that I had already 40 years ago to make a paper model of our bus.
You can download the model by clicking the picture to the left.

The built pictured model above has been completed with transparent windows and a mounted  interior. If you really want to build the model with this interior, you may send me an email to ask for a template.

With the best wishes for Cristmas and the coming year 2019 from me and my family.

                                                                                                                       Gunnar Sillťn