Paper models by Ida
One of the best gifts I got last Christmas (2012) was a tiny paper dog designed and built by my ten year old grand daughter Ida.
  Interesting was to study her self invented construction that so nicely combines 2D and 3D structures. "A good thing with it" she said, "is that you don' t need glue to build it."
This ability to make a drawing that cut and folded transformes into something that feels almost alive, is of course not availed without several years of close access to paper, pencils and scissors. Maybe also a grandfathers many paper models have been of some inspiration.  
When looking back at Ida´s earliest paper models, I esecially remember an aircraft cockpit she made when about six year´s old. It was so simple. But anyhow it managed to catch the very essence of a cockpit. With the view through the wind screen, the instruments and the holder for the maps.
 I also remember how she used paper, scissors, tape and glue to make up her own towns and houses for her dolls and animals.

The paper modelling experiences and aquired skills have also given her a surprisingly good understanding for technical drawings.
Ida has designed quite a lot of soft animals for herself. They have all started with 3 view drawings that she showed to my wife who then helped her to realize it all on the sewing machine as close to the concept as possible.
looking back at the design Happy and tired. The evening became quite late before the creation was ready.
Here is another of Ida´s designs from December 2012. An elephant.


To Ida´s public library This spring (2013) Ida started a new paper modelling project in her class. She wanted to build a restaurant. But the hunger for books was greater than the hunger for food, so the restaurant was rebuilt into a public library.  
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