Model in scale 1:700


The real ship in Saint Petersburg.
116 meter long. Built in Austria in 1978
Takes 220 passengers.

   This year we made a cruise trip on this ship from Saint Petersburg through the wonderful Russian landscape to Moscow. We had a mavellous guide who introduced us into the Russian culture. We met new friends and, yes, everything was really that great that I just had to make a model of the ship.
From our cabin window; gale in the morning on the Ladoga lake


From our cabin window; sunrise on the Onega lake


On the bridge
This was our Christmas gift to all paper modelling friends in 2016
The model is in scale 1:700.
Click the plan to the left and you will be linked to the kit as a pdf document. 

On request, I have redesigned the model in scale 1:400. 
The model comes on five pages A4 and here are the links to the pages:

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5

You are allowed to download and print the model for your own use. But you are not allowed to sell the model or republish it without permission from me, the designer.

Gunnar SillÚn